Why is this Necessary?

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What is the Problem?

We live in a Society where there is a breakdown of the family, fatherless homes are rampant, bullying is an epidemic, racial tensions seem to be increasing every day, and young people are graduating with more education but seem to be less prepared for the work force than ever before.

”The National Association of Colleges and Employers surveyed more than 200 employers about their top 10 priorities in new hires.  Overwhelmingly, they want candidates who are team players, problem solvers, and can plan, organize, and prioritize their work. They are having a hard time finding this in young adults today.”

What is the Point?

There are hundreds of thousands of good kids out there, but they are growing up in a different world, and therefore, they are experiencing different challenges (ie. Cell phones, Social Media, Vast forms of Entertainment promoting poor value systems, Instantaneous Information, and so on…) What we focus on each day and what we do repeatedly shapes our character.  It shapes who we become.  In our modern world, we are often too busy to stop, look up, and ask ourselves – Is this the direction I really want to be going? Am I heading down a road that will lead me to the type of person I want to be?

Just because the world has changed doesn’t mean that certain character traits are no longer relevant.  In fact, many of those character traits are now more relevant than they have ever been.  We have just been too busy to stop and focus on them.  Character Traits such as:

Goal Setting
Leadership and so on…

The point of The Fourth Quarter Leadership Institute is to challenge kids to give these character traits a good hard look and see just how valuable they are.  Through a series of activities and discussions, we show the kids how valuable these traits can be in their lives.  We then give them opportunities to establish their own core values as well as a plan of action for cultivating those values on a daily basis.

What is the Purpose?

The Purpose of The Fourth Quarter Leadership Institute to take the leaders from all of the different extra-curricular groups in a school from Student Council to ROTC and Football, show them what it means to be an effective leader, and then challenge them to implement what they learn into the groups that they lead. Our theory is that if we can positively change the culture of the kids who lead the different groups in a school, then we can begin to change the culture of a school.  If we can change the culture of enough schools, then we might begin to change the culture of a Community.  If we change the culture of enough Communities, we might just change the Culture of our society because it is leaders in our schools who will one day be leading our communities and our country.

What is the Process?

  • First we contact the Athletic Director for a School District and set up an Appointment to come and discuss the Leadership Institute and show them what we do.
  • Second, we work with the AD, the Principal, and the head coaches to set a date for the institute.  We also work with them to identify different business leaders who would be interested in investing in the Leadership skills of the students at their school.
  • Third, we contact the business leaders and raise the funds to pay for the Leadership Institute. While the cost of the Leadership Institute is $75 per student, our goal is to make it so the kids hardly have to pay anything at all.  
  • Fourth, we coordinate the breakfast, lunch, and snacks that will be provided on the day of the Institute. 
  • Fifth, we provide a great, meaningful, and memorable experience on the day of the Institute.

Topics Covered at the Leadership Institute

The Character of a Leader
What does it mean to be 1 out of 100?
Leadership Tournament
Establish your own Core Values
Establish a Plan for Cultivating those Core Values on a daily basis

The Personality of a Leader
What makes you unique as a leader?
Meyers Briggs Assessment
What do people think when they think of you as a Leader?
Social Media IQ Activity

The Motivation of a Leader
What motivates you to be great? (Selfishness never works)
Identify what is most important.  What are your priorities?
Time to make a difference activity
What is something bigger than yourself that is worth working, playing, and living for?

The Legacy of a Leader
How do you want to be remembered?
What kind of a difference did you make in your school or business?
Establish a plan for leading the way that you want to lead
Write a Commitment letter to your coach or boss on how you plan to lead this year
Captains Corner – plan to put your words into action

What is the Payoff?

 For the Attendees

  • They will have written and identified their top 4 Core Values for Effective Leadership and they will have a written plan for cultivating those values on a daily basis.
  • Through the Meyers Briggs Assessment, they will have a clearer picture of how they function and why they respond to different circumstances the way they do.  They will also have a clearer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and how they can utilize their gifts.
  • They will have a plan for dealing with Social Media and avoiding foolish mistakes that hurt them, their family, and their team.
  • They will have clearly identified what is most important in their life and they will have a greater appreciation for those around them.
  • Through a unique and eye opening exercise, they will have made a personal contribution to an underprivileged village on the other side of the world.
  • They will have a written plan on how they are going to lead,  and they will have a plan as a unit on how to take what they have learned and implement it into their locker room.
  • A Five Week follow up study on Courage, Persistence, Being a Difference Maker, Character, and Attitude.

For the Coaches

  • Their Team Chemistry will immediately be improved through the different exercises that the kids are taken through.  The kids will walk away with more self awareness as well as a better awareness of the other leaders on their team, which inevitably strengthens their leadership unit and thus the team.
  • We will go through the Meyers Briggs Assessment of each kid with the Coaches so they have a clearer picture of the best way to communicate with the leaders of their team.  This helps to create a stronger bond between kids and coaches and also helps to strengthen Team Chemistry.
  • They will end the day with a core group of leaders that have a plan on how to effectively lead in their locker room in a way that is strong and positive.  The kids will know how to win others on the team over to their side so that they function as one unit all headed in the same direction.
  • They will have a Five Week study they can do with their kids that is already written, mapped out, and easy to do...


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