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"Our kids that attended the Fourth Quarter Leadership Institute enjoyed their time and benefited greatly.  Several of them were voted by their teammates to be members of our  leadership council.  It is huge for our program when our kids can hear the message of the importance of great leadership from other avenues other than our coaching staff."  

Scott Lehnhoff
Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach
Steele High School

"The Fourth Quarter Leadership Institute truly made a difference in the overall attitude of our locker room.  There is no question - when the leaders of your team recognize the power of their influence and commit themselves to doing things the right way, they make everyone else around them better"  

Mark Soto
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
San Marcos High School

"The Fourth Quarter Leadership Institute was a fantastic event for our kids.  It was a day full of challenges, inspiration, and emotion.  Each one of our kids took away some valuable lessons that helped them lead our team throughout the following season. "  

David Malesky
Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach
O'Connor High School

The Fourth Quarter Leadership Institute is a one day event followed up with a 5 week study.  Kids (both boys and girls) from all extra curricular activities are nominated by their coach to attend the institute.  The day is full of activities, powerful lessons, and meaningful moments that leave the kids inspired, challenged, and equipped to make a positive difference on their teams and in their school.